1. It’s incredibly liberating … We’re free to do what we want. Every two weeks I get my nails done, I do yoga every week. The hardest part of kids must be the absolute exhaustion. I’m very high maintenance. I need a lot of time to take care of myself. If I had to give that up and be responsible for a child, I think I might be a short-tempered, mean and nasty person. I’m not built that way and neither is my husband…

    "When we got to be about 35 or so … I said something to my husband like, ‘Well, if we’re going to do this, we need to pull the trigger.’ Truthfully, I told him that having kids was scary, that the enormity of it was almost overwhelming…

    "We were at the zoo recently, walking around holding hands. We talk, we take pictures, we stop and look at things. We’re very connected and happy. At times I notice other couples chasing a kid, pushing strollers, reffing a fight. They seem very flustered. I don’t see a lot of them being happy. I never had a burning desire to have kids and, the more I see couples with children, the more convinced I am that we made the right decision…

    — Cheryl Klein, age 43. “A World Without Kids: ‘Childfree’ is the new byword for many young couples.” Durham Magazine, Feb/Mar 2013, pp. 68-70.
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